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Today, staying healthy is more important than ever, which seemingly contradicts visiting high traffic locations such as gyms, yoga studios and other fitness centers. Business owners know this and that’s why we have customers who are actively working to create Safe Air Zones by adding Airbox Air Purifiers to their fitness facilities as part of a comprehensive safety plan.

“With our fast paced atmosphere, the Airbox purifies our studio to keep riders safe before, during and after their indoor cycling classes. Without our Airbox PEAK we would not feel comfortable being open.” - Milo Moliscia

THE RIDE Premium Indoor Cycling
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Even with some retail experiences moving digital, there are others that require a more tangible approach, sometimes you just want to try something on or take it for a test drive. That’s why we have retail business owners making a renewed commitment to creating a safe shopping experience, with a focus on removing airborne particulates from the air. 

“The Airbox Air Purifier has more than exceeded my expectations. At my Ford dealership we made the decision to put in APEX Air Purifiers as another layer of protection against COVID-19. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to be as proactive as possible for my team as well as my customers. My team loves that they are breathing 99.9% clean air and my customers seem pleased that Summerville Ford went the extra mile in safety. - Tony Rodriguez

Summerville Ford
Summerville, South Carolina


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As HEPA filters are already being used in operating rooms and laboratory settings, it’s a natural progression to add Airbox Air Purifiers to a wider array of medical facilities such as doctor and dental offices. Whether in central high traffic areas like waiting rooms, or in individual treatment rooms, we can help show a facility’s commitment to purifying indoor air quality.

“After much research and discussion, I chose AirBox Air Purifier because of the quality and best in class status. Addressing the quality of the air within the dental practice was always something I was planning to do and the pandemic just sped up the process for me. I now have a head of confidence knowing that AirBox has created a Safe Air Zone for my employees and patients. “ - Dr. Joe Pilatich


Catskill, New York

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