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 Peak Series-S


Serving home, medical and industrial applications, the AirBox Peak Series-S is categorically the most effective and efficient Air Purifier on the market. It’s ideal for more flexible spaces like a fitness center facility, large classroom, or shared office space.     

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Polyethylene (HYDPE)

The quality of materials used to build the unit render it effectively indestructible.  



Channeling Mesh

Located at the top and bottom of the Peak Series-S, this helps to guide airflow evenly onto the filters for capturing the maximum amount of airborne particulate.


Power &

Speed Control

Controls for the Peak Series-S is provided by a simple dial on the front of the motor housing. Thereby, eliminating complex electronics or boards and mitigating electrical issues.

Blurred Office Interior

Product Specs


  • Weight: 46 lbs

  • 27.75"H x 13"L x 13.5"W


  • Made to run 24/7

  • Rotating speed control knob to adjust desired air flow

  • 110/120 Volt 6' black power cord

  • Honeycomb panels located at the bottom and top of the unit laminate the air flow to improve flow efficiency and increase exit velocity to effect Dynamic Room Air Purge.

  • Filter changes recommended every 6 months, HEPA every 4 years

  • Fan Motor UL listed 2111

  • Product UL #E518053


  • High density polyethylene (HDPE) treated with Microshield Antimicrobial

  • FDA, USDA approved ASTM D4976

  • Contains no VOCs

  • Flammability: UL94-HB

  • Constructed with stainless steel fasteners

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  • Available in White or Dolphin Gray


  • Wired for 110/120 Volt Operation

  • Wiring: AWG 16

  • Controls: Single Commercial-Grade Potentiometer

  • Connectors: Deutch DT IP68 Dust and Water (submersion to 3m)

  • Motor: 115 VAC, 50/60HZ, Ball Bearing, IP54 Dust and Water


  • HEPA Filter (Final Filter Stage)

    • Certified 99.99%​

    • 6" Pleated glass media

    • Aluminum frame

Antimicrobial Filter: (Second Filter Stage)

  • Merv 9 4" Radial Pleated Polyester

  • Treated with Microban Aegis Microbe Shield®

Odor Filter: (First Filter Stage)

  • Merv 7 4" Pleated Activated Carbon

  • Synthetic Containment Membrane

  • OZ 3 > 50% Ozone Removal Efficient


  • Lifetime All-Inclusive Warranty


Performance Specifications

"The Sound You Hear Is the Sound of Clean"

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